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Structured Financing Facilitation: Claims Settlement,  


Lawsuits/Structured Settlements

Monetization of long term plaintiffs’ structured settlements into a lump sum payment is one

of the most common areas currently being serviced by fragmented and pricey lenders. The monetization financing vehicle MG Advisory Services offers through an array of our contacts’ monetization structured settlement programs are very different from the programs offered by that group of structured settlement lenders.


Monetization finance is also very relevant to corporate clients for certain large dollar structured settlements, which result from being a plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit. Monetization financing can be structured into the $’s millions for these lawsuit settlements. Large class actions, mass tort, medical malpractice, environmental liabilities and others may be financed by this vehicle, which allow the defendant company to continue operations while structuring their large liabilities far into the future under their own

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