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Monetization Financing: 



There are strong creative opportunities presented from an evolving niche financing tool termed “Monetizaton Financing” that uniquely facilitate transactions in a broad array of industries and has many significant structural advantages over traditional financing. Additionally, this financing may be utilized by what may be considered by traditional finance as a “qualified” borrower as well as an unqualified borrower. This financing is completed through an efficient streamlined private placement, which can provide funding within an amazing short period of time.


There are three significant requirements needed for a client to utilize this monetization financing: 


1) An assignment of/or an absolute and unconditional promise to pay from an investment grade obligor or an acceptable substitute financial instrument backing the transaction,

2) A predictable cash flow, and

3) A date certain payment. An investment grade obligor for this program is typically rated by S&P and Moody’s with an acceptable rating. 

Our Expertise: 


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