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Equipment Finance Facilitation:


The structure and requirements for collateral and repayment of Monetization finance,is 
different than equipment leasing and other traditional equipment finance channels. In many instances, monetization finance is more favorable and provides powerful access to funds, and can be used advantageously by either sellers or the buyers of equipment. To the seller, availability of monetization financing basically makes the equipment purchase by the buyer easier from several perspectives.


More products may be able to be purchased, and certain purchases may be undertaken via this financing that may not have occurred through more restrictive traditional equipment finance channels. For the buyer wanting to undertake a transaction to purchase big-ticket equipment, this financing provides unique flexibility and certain attendant advantages.These advantages include extended repayment terms and no limitations on the amount of the financing due to residual value concerns, since the financing is not based on the collateral value of the equipment.


Essentially monetization enables a company to pay little or nothing in advance to put the equipment to productive use, and only once it’s in use is obligated to make payments.



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