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Commercial Real Estate Capital Raising Facilitation Objectives: 


MG Advisory Services works closely with its capital partners to offer the most cost-effective and comprehensive investment options available: from traditional investment to alternative equity instrument for investors electing to be part of a new startup company. We work with private investors and institutions that provide short and long-term capital funding in support of our clients’ initial business launching and beyond. A traditional investment with leverage overlay can provide the greatest return on investment for investors and with great benefits for the recipient of the startup capital—our clients.

MG Advisory Services will structure the capital mechanism and assemble financial and management teams to facilitate capital, consequently, benefiting our clients to finally launch their businesses to the market place, making the business enterprise a very appetizing venture to inventors and to make this happen, we provide the following tasks:


  •  The approach: What Individuals and Institutional Investors look for in a startup?

  •  The Process: Financial Feasibility & Investment Mechanism Advisory  

  •  Analyzing Investors:

  •  Structuring the venture:  

Our Expertise: 


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