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Cash Flow Analysis: 


MG Advisory as Business and Financial Consultants, advise our clients that “Failure to keep track of money can doom a business”. Without monitoring its cash—measuring it, investing it, borrowing it, and collecting it—an enterprise can wind up insolvent or bankrupt.


Without proper cash flow, a company cannot pay its bills on time, which may harm its credit ratings. Bankruptcies are caused by lack of cash as well as lack of profits.



Having “enough” cash means having enough cash available at the right time.



MG Advisory has the tools and knowledge to implement these monitoring methods for a business, a company or a corporation to have a “healthy financial condition” throughout its business life.


Company management success depends largely on their ability to manage the company’s assets. This task sometimes is very complex by the interdependent nature of a company’s finances. One short-term financial problem, such as a cash flow shortage, can cause a longer-term credit problem, such as denials for bank loans. The successful management team must be able to quickly identify and resolve such short-term problems in order to prevent their long-term damaging effects.



A business is often described in anatomical terms: management is the brain, marketing is the muscle, and finance is the blood. Without the financial aspects (such as a flow of cash) the brain becomes uncommunicative and the muscle irresponsive. 

Our Expertise: 


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