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Capital Raising Facilitation: 


MG Advisory Services is a company dedicated to raising startup and expanding businesses capital, investment structuring, and selecting individual investor and investment entities for our clients’ projects in the area of: 


(i) Healthcare and Medical Centers

(ii) Businesses

(iii) Residential Development

(iv) Commercial Real Estate.

(v) Products’ Manufacturing


(vi) Products Launching Campaigns:

(vii) Internet Technology Platforms;

(viii) Photovoltaic Solar Panel

Manufacturing Plants;

(ix) Technology of recycling solid

waste and convert them to clean

electric energy;

(x) Underwater current to generate

electric energy, and

(xi) Infrastructure,


It has maintained its reputation of quality, reliability and compliance in each of the projects, in which MG Advisory Services has participated with advisory in facilitating financing for our clients in several and different markets with modern, efficient administration. Our services primarily focuses in a comprehensive analysis of current companies financial needs and

conditions for introduction of clients’ products and services to potential investors. Persuasive and convincing investment presentations, targeted business development, selecting investment companies, and final investors capital structure, involving design of

financial structures and capital plans in different phases of the initial investment cycles, same that it is executed, monitored and controlled in every one of its phases, thusly, the resulting process is a successful benefit that sells, meets and exceeds our clients expectations.


Our Expertise: 


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