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Business Troubleshooting: 


MG Advisory can coach, train, advice and address your business finances (including the proper control of cash), that are essentials if any business is to survive and succeed


Starting a business requires an idea, some self confidence, and some initial funding. Not much more. Staying in business (i.e. becoming successful) requires financial management. By letting MG Advisory assess and recommend the appropriate financial tools for your business, company or corporation management team, it will create a sure road map to reach your success goals.


Over half of all new businesses (excluding franchises), fail within four years. Another 30% don’t last 10 years. Many of the survivors stay alive, but stagnate without reaching their full potential. Often, a lack of capital is cited as the reason a business failed. This reason is often true of potentially successful businesses that have no trouble obtaining customers. Ironically, quick but uncontrolled success has caused the downfall of thousands of businesses because owners or managers were unaware of the financial reason behind their success and blindly over-expanded.


MG Advisory can help business owner understand what is happening, why it is happening, what to do, and when to do it to make success happen the way you want it to happen.


  • What would your company do when it has insufficient cash flow?

  • Costs not closely monitored

  • Cumbersome accounting procedures

  • Inability to curb financial problems

  • Inability to repay debts

  • Poor Credit Ratings?

  • Unrealistic break-even point?

  • Insufficient working Capital

  • Insolvency?

  • Excessive Debt

  • Low rate of return

  • Lack of net profit

  • Poor profitability and growth?

  • Unstable income?

  • Excessive labor costs

  • Inability to obtain Financing?

  • Management unaware of financial problems

  • Actual costs exceeded budgeted costs

  • Inaccurate sales and expenses estimates

  • Ineffective advertizing campaign, eroding expenses

Our Expertise: 


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