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Business Plan Development: 


MG Advisory prepared business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It will also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. The business plan will also target changes in perception and branding by the customer. When the existing business is to assume a major change or when planning a new venture, a 3 to 5 year business plan is required, since investors will look for their annual return in that timeframe.


MG Advisory business plans will be internally and externally focused. Externally focused plans target goals that are important to external stakeholders, particularly financial stakeholders. It will have detailed information about the organization or team attempting to reach the goals. With for-profit entities, external stakeholders include investors and customers.


MG Advisory business plans are decision-making tools. There is no fixed content in our business plan. Rather, the content and format of our business plan is determined by the goals and audience. MG Advisory business plans represents all aspects of business planning process declaring vision and strategy alongside sub-plans to cover finance, operations, human resources, as well as, a tax planning, when required. 

Our Expertise: 


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