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Business Overhaul and Reconstruction: 


MG Advisory financial assessments and recommendations are an essential counseling for company’s’ management team and managers, covering every facet of the daily management of a business’s finance. It is designed to help managers pinpoint, resolve, and prevent financial problems. In each MG Advisory evaluation, we also points out potential spillover effect—the ways in which a problem in one sector can disrupt functions in other areas.


Inspired by MG Advisory consultants’ experiences in managing finances in many industries and businesses in the field of retail, food, hospitality, manufacturing, services, healthcare, energy, real estate, mortgages, construction, engineering and coaching for start-ups; MG Advisory is a hands-on action oriented company with the proper financial analyses procedure for business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, marketing managers, financial managers and officers, credit managers, and all business professionals who have fiscal responsibility. On each financial and business assessment study MG Advisory formulate they are highlighted, illustrated, identified and stated in the following, step-by-step fashion:


  • Problems are identified


  • Warning Signs are exposed


  • Causes are revealed


  • Analyses are made


  • Repairs are implemented


  • Prevention Procedures are recommended


  • Spillover Consequences are averted


Our Expertise: 


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