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We are a small, private, business planning consulting, marketing services and capital raising Facilitator Company with offices in Tampa, Florida, servicing the entire State, the Nation and Latin America. The company offers its considerable business, strategy, financial planning, sales, marketing, project finance and commercial funding underwriting experience and expertise to help small businesses grow. We are particularly experienced in managing finances in many industries and small businesses in the field of retail, food, hospitality, manufacturing, services, healthcare, energy, renewable energy, commercial real estate, construction, engineering, and coaching for startups and growing companies.


As business consultants, our focus is on business growth, strategy development and business planning. We target product marketing issues and go-to-market strategies. It is these disciplines that encompass every aspect of business success: market, products, sales, servicing and market communications. MG Advisory Services also offers capital raising consulting expertise in how to grow or expand your small business. 

We have successfully lead change involving:
MG Advisory Services Consultants can prepare your Small Company for the present and the future.

MG Advisory is focused on providing comprehensive financial and business advice to private companies. We are a firm of senior-level Financial Advisors driven by a no-nonsense, can-do, entrepreneurial spirit and experienced in the realities of practical business advice and execution. These qualities make us the trusted advisors for many growing independent companies and their owners.


Our methodology always results in a clearer picture of where the client needs to be, and what it needs to do to get there. Invariably, sales growth follows - often, quickly.


Our fees are reasonable. (Even if we say so ourselves!) Generally, we charge on fixed-fee-per-project basis. This means we assess the problem and formulate an approach before we ever charge you a cent. It also means that you pay for performance - not for time talking about the problem.


Each year, we can focus our business consultant energy on only a handful of consulting clients. We're a small business consultancy by choice. But small or not, we have handled some large consulting tasks for some very large companies.  


Business Plans Services for Your Business Expansion

The dynamics behind your sales efforts are often the place to look for quick growth. But sales success ultimately involves much more than simply raising the quotas of your existing sales team or sales channel. It can also involve optimizing your market targeting, pricing structure, discount structure, marketing communications, product and service packaging, lead generation, offer structure, basic sales proficiencies, and incentive structures. Any, or all of these, may be contributing to sluggish or less-than-anticipated growth. When it comes to growing sales, we have found that little things can make a big difference!


Consider complementing your resources with the knowledge of MG Advisory private company experts. We've had first-hand experience assisting closely-held businesses for 15 years. For more information, email us at


If you're interested in talking with us about our business consulting services please contact us at (954-245-9733)

Sales & Marketing Plans to Help Your Business Grow

Our services are not about what you might do to grow. Instead, our services are focused on doing real work. We do our assessments of what's really going on in your market and in your business, and then side by side with you and your staff, we construct action plans for lifting your business to the next level.

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